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Monday, 25 August 2014

Whoever said that you need equipment or a gym to be able to exercise? You can still work out at the comfort of your own home and achieve just the same results. Just free up some of your time during the day, prepare your exercise mat and try out these exercises that are sure to keep you in

1. Crunches - Lay down facing the ceiling on your exercise mat but with your knees bent up and your arms flat by your sides. Lift your legs by bringing your knees towards your chest then slowly push them outward away from your chest until your knees are straightened and then back to starting position. When pushing your leg outwards, they can be as high as you want (not too high obviously). The lower your legs when they’re pushed out then the harder it is so adjust your legs to whichever height suits you best. Crunches mostly activate your core muscles, especially lower abs.

2. Plank – The classic 30 second work out to tighten your abs. To do the plank, lie down flat on the ground on your stomach and then lift your body upwards using your hands and feet making sure that your arms are shoulder width apart and that your entire body is straight. Hold this position for at least 30 and if you feel like going further, target 60 seconds.

3. Pushups – This exercise will do wonders for the shoulders, arms, chest and abs! You’ll begin this exercise in the plank position as mentioned above but instead of staying still, bend your elbows and use your shoulder muscles to bring your body lower to the floor as much as you can without making contact with it then slowly push yourself back up again until your elbows are straightened It’s crucial that you entire body stays straight so don’t let your hips be too high.

4. Lunges - Start with both your feet together. Take a large step to the front with one foot and shift your weight onto that leg. Your thigh should be parallel to the ground. As you shift your weight to the front leg, remember to keep your back straight and your back leg bent towards to the ground (knees will face the floor), however, they do not necessarily have to make contact. Don’t forget to find your balance! Hold this position for a few seconds and then lift the front foot off the ground and bring it back together with the back foot. Repeat this exercise with both legs and you’ll find yourself with more toned thighs, abs and glutes!

5. Squats - The all-time favorite for glute and leg toning. Make sure you place your feet hip width apart, tighten your core muscles and bend down at the knees while your hips move back. Keep your arms straight out in front of you, or if you prefer using weights then keep them at the sides. Once you’ve achieved your squat position, rise back up and repeat this motion.

6. Hip Lifts – Start by lying down on your back on an exercise mat while your knees are bent up. Adjust your feet such that they are hip width apart from each other and make sure you back is flat on the ground. Slowly lift your hip upwards while tightening your abs, but not too high, such that your back and thighs make a straight line. Repeat this motion in as many reps you want or hold the upward position for at least 30 seconds. This exercise will not only give you that flat stomach you’ve dreamt of, it’s also great for shaping up your glute!

7. Superman – This exercise will simultaneously work on your glutes and shoulders! Starting by lying down face to the floor and with your arms extended outwards over your head, palms facing each other and toes pointing towards the wall. Lift both your arms and both your legs at the same time as much as you can while being careful not to hurt your spine. Keep both arms and legs straight, do not lift your head and do not arch your back. Hold this position for just a few seconds and repeat.

8. Shoulder presses – As you can tell by the name, this work out targets the shoulder muscles. This could be done with or without dumbbells, whatever you prefer most. Stand with your legs shoulder width apart and with your arms raise upwards such that your fingers are pointing towards the ceiling but your upper arm is parallel to the ground. Move your arms upwards until they are straight above your head and then return to starting position. Repeat this exercise in reps and sets most suitable for you.

9. Modified side plank- This is another workout that targets your core and upper body! Start your position by lying down on your right side while supporting yourself with your right forearm on the ground. Your legs will be on top of each other and your knees will be bent backwards, facing the wall behind your back. Keep your body straight and hold this position for at least 30 seconds.

10. Cobra – For this exercise, lay face down on your exercise mat. Using your arms, push your upper body up such that you face the wall in front of you while arching your back and supporting your weight on your arms. Your legs and hips should stay on the floor. Hold this position for a few seconds and repeat a few times.
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