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Monday, 25 August 2014

15 ways to lose Fat Faster

1. Drink more water - Having more water rids your body of toxins and makes you feel full before meals, therefore cutting down your food intake. Overall, without enough water, all our body functions slow down so whether you’re trying to lose weight or not, make sure you drink enough water
2. Drink tea - this will fill you up, increase your metabolism and cleans up your body inside out! A great way to lose fat as long as you don’t have too much sugar to go with it.
3. Eat more protein - doing so will increase your metabolism and help with muscle recovery post-workouts. If you can, have a source of protein in every meal.
4. Increase your fibre - the more fibre you have, the more full you will feel. This will help you escape the urge to succumb to or even have bad food cravings.
5. Do full body exercises - to ensure that you're burning fat in your entire body without leaving an area behind.
6. Eat more vegetables and fruits - these are filled with tons of natural sugars, fibers and proteins that will keep you full but are low in calories. They will also undoubtedly give you many more health benefits such as better skin, stronger immune system and more energy.
7. Exercise in the morning - start your day with exercising so that you don’t risk having no time or energy for it later.
8. Lift weights - burn the fat away faster through vigorous weight exercise and gain muscles as a plus!
9. Eat breakfast - a nice big healthy breakfast is very important because it gives your energy to last through your day. Having breakfast also increases your metabolism.
10. Skip high calorie foods and beverages - these things are probably filled with preservatives and artificial ingredients that could damage your body. Not to mention the refined sugar that is stored as fat in your body.
11. Switch to healthy snacks - whenever you’re hungry in between main meals, opt for a healthier snack such as almonds or green vegetables as opposed to unhealthy food.
12. Grill and bake your food as opposed to frying it - that why you can avoid fat from vicious oils that do more harm than good to your body.
13. Go for walks more often - just 30 minutes of walking everyday can do wonders to losing fat in your body. It not only keeps you in better shape but it will also elevate your mood.
14. Eat oats for breakfast - less calories and a healthier alternative to any other sugar filled breakfast!
15. Eat slower - it take at least 15 mins for your stomach to know that it is full so eat slower in order to give it more time to signal how full it is to your brain in order to avoid over-eating.

By: Zeina Foda
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