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Monday, 3 November 2014

Ginger tea for weight loss - an adjunct to diet

 Slimming tea with ginger helped thousands of overweight people find beautiful body. From the point of view of Phytochemistry secret ginger tea lies in the essential oil of ginger, which in addition to traditional vitamins and minerals contains a very large number of active substances. Due to its chemical composition, ginger is widely used in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Published in 2011, research laboratory "FitoLab" "Biopharmaceutical analysis rhizomes of ginger (Zingiber officinale)» suggests that infusion or ginger tea can enhance the metabolic processes in the body. Tea heat production increases, which leads to the active weight loss. The recipe of ginger tea for weight loss is very simple and it is easy to find in the public domain.
As for the effectiveness for weight loss, the ginger tea is effective for observing low-calorie diet, the effect increases with moderate sports. Subject to the recommendations of the month you can lose 2-3% of the initial weight (according to the study "European Centre of aesthetic medicine and weight loss E & C»). Slimming tea with ginger - Reviews conventional slimming too encouraging.
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