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Monday, 3 November 2014

 Green tea for weight loss - gradual weight loss

 Useful properties of green tea owes its composition. It contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, including vitamins, K, C, PP, as well as fluorine, zinc, copper and manganese. Also, green tea contains catechins - substances that are powerful antioxidants and promotes weight loss. To fight
against overweight, you just need to drink a few cups of green tea.
Green tea is a great way to lose weight and yet because it promotes the activation of metabolism in the body and assists in getting rid of toxins, toxins, removes heavy metals. By consuming this drink, you can achieve weight loss in a natural way due to the normalization of metabolism. Also remarkably reduces appetite, and by maintaining blood glucose levels can avoid unpleasant bouts of hunger.
Snack can be replaced with freshly prepared cup of green tea and so easy to solve the problem of overeating. As a result, we get a double benefit: weight loss and no additional calories. Among other things, this wonderful drink has beneficial effects on the nervous and cardiovascular system, increases immunity, and the presence of caffeine in it invigorates and improves mood.
Slimming need daily drink 5-6 cups of beverage. If you feel you are hungry, not enough for sweet or starchy foods, just pour yourself a cup of green tea and drink it without sugar. Hunger retreat. With regular consumption of tea, you can get rid of the 2-3 extra pounds in a month. Even more impressive results are obtained with a diet.
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